Customer Service

Enjoying a great cup of coffee is a process of partnership that includes the farmer, processor, importer, roaster and the customer who ultimately brews the final product. Each partner is critical to ensuring the best coffee experience possible, and our role does not end at the point of sale.

For both wholesale and retail customers, we begin by roasting to order so that you start with the freshest, highest quality coffee possible. We ensure that it is shipped and delivered promptly and that you have the knowledge and tools to create the best coffee drinks for yourself and others.

Our partnership is based on mutual respect, responsiveness and doing more than what is asked so that we can all succeed. This is characterized by friendship, generosity and expertise in all our products, marketing and equipment..

Whether brewing a cup at home or pulling the perfect espresso shot, we do all we can to ensure you enjoy our products and your shopping experience. We are always a phone call, email, tweet or Facebook post away.