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Since 1981, Longbottom Coffee and Tea has been delivering the world's finest coffees directly to you. We carry on a tradition that has connected virtually all parts of the world in trade, commerce and shared enjoyment since before the 16th century. It is a tradition exemplified by a French naval officer, Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu. In 1723 de Clieu, embarked for Martinique with a 5 foot tall coffee plant. He protected the plant from a jealous fellow officer, fought off Tunisian pirates and sacrificed his water rations to bring his coffee plant to Martinique. This plant that would yield 19 million coffee trees in Martinique by 1777 and become the progenitor of the majority of coffee in the Americas.

While we do not face pirates today, Longbottom Coffee and Tea is as passionate and committed to coffee as de Clieu. We believe that everyone should be able to experience and savor fine coffee and be connected to the global community that has brought people together from farm to cup for centuries.

The passion we have for coffee and for you is what fills our sails each and every day.

about us

Our Vision

To inspire and educate generations of coffee drinkers through exceptional coffee experiences every day.

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Our Values

Premium Quality

We source, roast and sell the finest and freshest coffee available.


We choose truth, simplicity and sincerity as sources of value and brand differentiation.


We do what we say and strive to do more for our customers, for our partners and for families in coffee growing regions.

Customer Respect

We value all the opinions of our customers and view our products, service and results through their eyes. Their success is our success.


We love coffee and love what we do. We are enthusiastic about our products, our partners and our customers.

Premium Quality

Producing the highest quality coffee possible has been part of our DNA since day one. It is something we will never sacrifice in the name of cost, efficiency or any other reason - period.

Longbottom Coffee sources the very best green beans available, working with trusted importers to ensure that this food is grown, processed, stored and transported with the utmost care. Using a hot-air roasting process and working by hand, we produce coffees that are evenly roasted at the appropriate temperatures and that faithfully represent the bean’s natural flavor.

We define quality as:

• Selecting and purchasing the best green, hard-beans - 100% Arabica, high-grown milds •

• Roasting over a bed of fluid hot-air that roasts evenly while blowing chaff and other impurities out of the roasting chamber •

• Working in small, hand-crafted batches; roasting, blending and packaging our coffees by hand •

• Roasting to order for peak freshness •

• Focusing on flavor that reflects the true essence of the coffee and roasting process•

Certified Organic

Longbottom’s shade grown, organic coffees are farmed without use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and to ensure the preservation of native plant and wildlife habitats. It is assurance for your health and the environment.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary as Certified Organic facility! Each of our organic coffees complies with the Organic Food Act of 1990 and the attendant production and handling standards established by the USDA National Organic Program under 7CFR Part 205. All of our organic coffees are certified by Oregon Tilth.

Longbottom Coffee and Tea was one of the first coffee roasters in the United States to be in the USDA National Organic Program and was a certification training test site for the IOIA (Independent Organic Inspectors Association).

about us
about us
about us

Our Coffee House

For over 40 years, Longbottom Coffee and Tea has been a part of the Hillsboro, Oregon community. Located about 20 minutes from downtown Portland, our roasting facility includes a cozy Coffeehouse serving breakfast and lunch daily. Just like our coffee, each menu item is prepared to order and by hand. Our pastry case is full of delicious treats, including our neighborhood favorite scones, that are baked fresh each morning. From cage free eggs to house roasted turkey, we strive to provide you with delicious, quality food that reflects the same care we take in roasting your coffee.

When you are here don't forget to pick up a pound or two of your favorite coffee. We also offer a wide array of gifts for the coffee lover in your life. We hope to see you soon!

about us
about usabout us

We are not just selling, We are serving!


Mon - Fri, 6:00 am - 3:30 pm

Sat - Sun, 7:30 am - 2:30 pm


4893 NE 59th Avenue, Hillsboro,

OR 97124 Just off of US 26 at Brookwood Pkwy


Direct: 503-924-4470

Fax: 503-924-4472