Drip Coffee

Home drip coffee makers operate similarly across brands. Simply, tap (preferably filtered) water is placed in a reservoir. Ground coffee is placed in a filtered cone or flat-bottomed basket. The coffee maker heats the water to the appropriate temperature, fills the basket of water at the right pace and the coffee drips into a carafe.

While there is not much variability in these types of coffee makers, the key to producing good coffee in them is to use the appropriate grind and quantity of coffee for the water used. As a starting point, we recommend 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6-8 ounce cup, and you can adjust from there. For a flat-bottomed basket such as Mr. Coffee we recommend Grind #7 and for a cone-shaped basket, Grind #6.

Look for a brewer with a good showerhead that appropriately wets the grounds. Many inexpensive drip brewers just pour water in a single stream, not ideal for proper extraction.