Our Coffee Collections

Longbottom coffees are hand-crafted from 100% high-grade Arabica beans and hot-air roasted to uncover the true essence of each bean.

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Searching for your perfect cup?

We have more blends than anyone else. How do you choose the perfect blend? Narrow it down by focusing on these three primary attributes.



Most people have a preference for a light, medium or dark roast in their coffee. Start with this attribute. We choose the best roast level for every coffee blend! Read more about our roast levels and how we choose them.



Body is the heavy or light “mouth feel” of your beverage. Roast degrees and your preferred brewing method can both affect body but certain coffee varieties are naturally heavier or lighter on your palate.



Don’t think acidic pH here, think flavor! Acidity is the taste component in coffee that carries the flavor to your taste buds and gives it bright, sweet and fruity notes in your cup.

Autoship Subscription Service

Coffee shipped to you on a recurring schedule you control! Coffee is the perfect candidate for a recurring order because no one wants to run out of their favorite morning Joe! Make sure you get the right amount of coffee delivered to your door at its peak of freshness and quality.

It's simple!


Select Your Product(s)

Pick any combination of coffee and tea products you would like. Any coffee or tea in our store is eligible.


Select Your Schedule

Select "Autoship" on each item and choose from one of the available schedules. Choose one that best suits you and automatically save 10 percent!


Start Receiving

Your first order ships immediately and then reships based on your desired delivery interval. It's super easy and convenient and economical. We recommend you bundle at least three bags of coffee together into one order to also qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Visit us

Located just 10 miles from Portland, OR, Longbottom Roastery and Coffeehouse are open to the public 7 days a week. The passion we have for coffee and for you is what fills our sails each and every day.

Come visit us today at 4893 NE 59th Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124